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Stop the back-and-forth email to your external. Create tailored-made Privacy policy and cookie policy.
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GDPR is not one-time project. So you'll meet our AI bot-friendly James that will keep track on you and help you about your compliance process.


Anything you want to ask you can reach us via email, or support desk 24/7 : )

Predictive and imperative approach towards compliance.

Discover our features that help you meet compliance requirements easily.

Records of Processing Activities
Records of Processing Activities

Maintain Records of Processing activities and easily map your business data flow towards GDPR compliance.

Comply with GDPR Art. 28(1), 24(1), 29 & 46(1)

data subject request hosted form
Data Subject Request

Create an online GDPR Data Subject Request form for your business. No coding skills required. Help your data subjects exercise their rights.

Comply with GDPR Art. 11-22

vendor management
Vendors Management

Get your vendors GDPR compliant and keep track of their compliance status. Reduce your liability for using vendors that process data and ensure that they have the correct protections in place.

Comply with GDPR Art. 28(1), 24(1), 29 & 46(1)

technical and organizational measures
Technical and Organizational Measures

You can use our one-click template creator to help you comply with GDPR demands such as privacy policy and cookie policy at no additional cost.

Comply with GDPR Art. 24, 25, 28

central consent management
Consent Management

Meet ePrivacy Directive and GDPR requirements by having an accurate audit trail of consents and their status (i.e., revoked or given) all the time in one place.

Comply with GDPR Art. 4(11), 7 & 21 & ePrivacy Directive

privacy policy and cookie policy generator
Privacy & Cookie Policy Generator

You can use our one-click template creator to help you comply with GDPR demands such as privacy policy and cookie policy at no additional cost.

Comply with GDPR Art. 13

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have more questions please contact us : )

I'm an early start-up with no employees or customers yet. do I need to use VulnOS ?

If your company has plan to process, use and store personal data about European customers data then you need our platform. As soon as you start the GDPR compliance process with us in early stage and your company grows and evolves then you will be able to keep your GDPR compliance at any stage.

What about support ?

Our support is available 24/7/365 via support tickets for our customers. If you have some questions or features requests about our product feel free to contact us via chat or use our support portal.

How does the service work ?

At first you'll setup your business, then we'll assign you a dedicated AI bot who undertake a full audit of you business and will guide you step by step how to comply with the GDPR correctly and efficiently. We have developed a unique process to help you to complete complex tasks in a manner of few simple clicks.

Is it really 9-steps solution and that's it?

Our solution simplify the procedure into 9-steps. But, keep in mind that GDPR is continuous project. As GDPR laws requires from companies to maintain, update and changing their records at any time.

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